A substantial number of our students are boarders, students in residence, for whom programmes are conducted after academic hours. These include extra-curricular events like debates, quizzes, art contests, and other friendly & enriching gatherings. The school also frequently takes part in inter-school events both in sports as well as in academics, and these would include debating, dramatics, athletics, sports events and cultural meets.

The School's spacious grounds are attractively landscaped with carefully selected trees, bushes and flowering plants, creating a welcoming environment and providing pleasant meeting places for pupils during breaks.

In fact, the all-round education offered in the classroom, the dormitories, the playgrounds and the campus in many ways encapsulates a training that has all the richness and flavour of the Indian cultural systems and all the vision and breadth of modern education.

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In a similar manner, the co-curricular programme too has a wide range of facilities; football & cricket fields, basketball, volleyball & batminton courts. The School believes that every student deserves to be stretched physically to the limits of his or her potential. The sports classes introduce the students to a variety of games and activities in order to develop their fitness, physical skills and versatility and sense of fair play. After school the students are free to join a particular sport of his or her choice. There are many opportunities within the campus and further a field for competitions with other schools and clubs.


Mess plays a major role in the school campus that provides nutritious, balanced and healthy homely foods to all hostellers, day scholars, faculties, staff members and visitors. Foods are prepared under high quality supervision and are served at the dining area which operates in self-service mode.

Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian foods are prepared were the students can chose either of their taste whichever they wish to. The menu is designed according to the student’s taste; and nutrition is added to make it healthy.

The school offers morning milk, tea with regular breakfast, lunch, tea with evening snacks and dinner.

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The school facilitates safe and secure transport facility which includes a fleet of 24 buses transporting 2000 students to and fro to all stations of Changanasserry and to distance places. Well- trained personnel’s drives the bus to designated locations and they are accompanied by nannies who manage the students seating and safe journey. All our buses are equipped with First Aid Safety Equipment, First Aid facility and speed governors.

Parents who wish to send their children by school bus are required to submit the Transportation Form to the transportation department before availing the facility with details of boarding station by making respective payments. In case if the parents decide to change the boarding location, prior information should be provided to the transportation department without affecting your child trips.


Good Shepherd is committed to provide safe and secure learning environment for all the children in the school.

To ensure the safety and security of children:-

  • The school takes utmost care in maintaining high standards of hygiene in school premises.
  • The school campuses are monitored with CCTV cameras which vigilantly monitors the entire campus.
  • No visitors are allowed to enter the premises without proper verification and identification.
  • Ex-army officers and personnel’s guard the campus 24/7 as per the rules and guidelines.

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