Best School In Kottayam District 2019 - Citizens Social Service Society

Excellence Award - MIKAV 2017 - By Changanasserry Suhruth Samathy

Best School Award - NIRAV 2017 & 2018 - By Pauravedhi Changanasserry

National Education Excellence Award 2017 -By ASSOCHAM India

Best School Award 2016 - By Madappally Block Panchayat

Best Child Friendly School 2015 (District Level Award) - By National Child Development Council

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Dear Parents,
It is indeed a happy and proud moment for me to be part of the Good Shepherd family.
A note of gratitude to all the parents who have been a pillar of strength and support to this institution. The warm and cordial welcome I received from the Management, Staff and Parent community was heart warming. In the midst of Covid 19, we have all accepted and adapted to the new normal of life. The School campus definitely is missing the naughtiness & laughter of our young children who bring life to the four walls of the campus.

Sunitha Satheesh



Our Mission

To facilitate an all-inclusive development of students by enhancing the abilities to get evolved into socially committed citizens. The pedagogy employed guarantees a pleasure filled learning ambience apart from the constricting environment which transcends the aim of education to a further well-defined level. The students are motivated to develop a nature-friendly conscience which is contemplated in the eco-friendly campus hair wigs. The sound tutelage ensures the holistic growth of students which inculcate values, unbiased gender outlook, sense of confidence and credence which concretize their identity.

Our Vision

  • To provide quality education with sound value system.
  • To grain students to maintain meaningful relationships with fellow beings and nature.
  • To stretch students to their maximum possible so as to develop their potential to its highest limit.
  • To teach the students to happy about themselves and in the God given space allotted to them.
  • To bring them out of their selfishness and to empower them with commitment to society.