a. Based on Montessori System of education.
Admission open through out the year for Children on the day they Complete 2 ½ years. On the Completion of 3 year Course (2 ½ to 5 ½ years) they become eligible for admission to standard I.

b. A parallel Stream – Kindergarten LKG, UKG.
Admit Children at the age of 3 ½ years to LKG. On Completion of year course ( 3 ½ years to 5 ½ years) they Become eligible for admission to Standard I.

Standard I to X - CBSE Syllabus

Senior Secondary Standard XI &XII - CBSE Syllabus

Group I: Engineering - Computer (E.C)
             (English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science)

Group II: Medical- Engineering (M.E)
               (English , Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

Grtoup III: Medical –Language (M.L)
                 (English , Physics, Chemistry ,Biology and Malayalam / Hindi / French)

Group IV: Commerce- Computer (C.C)
                (English, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Informatics Practices)

Group V: Commerce- Maths (C.M)
                (English, Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Mathematics)

Montessori Teacher’s Training Course (1 Year)
Co-curricular activities:

Dance-Classical & Folk
Yoga, Karate, Skating